Much of The Blue Lagoon‘s appeal was admiring a nubile Brooke Shields wearing nought but some conveniently placed strands of hair, however the 1980 film resonated soundly in popular culture as a powerful allegory for the conflicting impulses toward and against civilisation. Actually, that was The Lord Of The Flies. Blue Lagoon is titillating b-grade shit (though still totally iconic in its own way) about semi-nude teenagers who experience sexual awakening while marooned on a tropical island. Yew!

The original text for The Blue Lagoon is a novel by Henry De Vere Stacpoole that has thrice been adapted for film, and is about to be remade for a fourth time. Stepping into the scantily clad central roles for the pending made-for-TV reboot are two Aussie Home And Away actors, Brenton Thwaites and Indiana Evans, and if the history of former Blue Lagoon actors is anything to go by this will do absolutely nothing for their careers.