HOLY YEEZUS: Kim K’s Snapchat Proves Taylor Knew About ‘Famous’ Lyric

UPDATE: Taylor Swift has lashed out on Instagram, calling Kim’s Snapchat “character assassination”.


Kim Kardashian
has just Snapchatted the footage of Kanye West talking to Taylor Swift about his controversial ‘Famous‘ lyric, proving that T-Swift 100% knew about the lyric before the song dropped. Not that we need to remind you or anything, but it’s the one that goes:

I feel like me and Taylor might have sex 
Why? I made that bitch famous 

The lyric caused huge controversy after The Life of Pablo dropped, with Kanye taking to Twitter to say it was in no way a diss to Taylor, and that they’d spoken about it and worked on the line together before its release.

Taylor, however, remained silent, really only addressing the line in her Grammys acceptance speech for Album of the Year. While she didn’t mention Kanye by name, she did say that there would be “people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame.” *COUGH KANYE COUGH*

And the third player in this drama, Kim Kardashian West, has been extremely vocal in recent weeks that Taylor has been falsely playing the victim this whole time. In her recent GQ interview she revealed she had footage of the convo between Kanye and Taylor, and OH LOOK – SHE’S JUST RELEASED IT.

In the footage, we can hear Kanye reading the line to Taylor, and her saying: “I’m like this close to overexposure.”

Kanye counters that by saying, “I think this is a really cool thing to have,” to which Taylor replies, laughing: “I know, I mean it’s like a compliment.”

“I don’t want to do rap that makes people feel bad,”
says Kanye.

“Yeah I mean, go with whatever line you think works better, it’s obviously very tongue-in-cheek either way,”
says Taylor. “And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that’s really nice.”

In Kim’s other Snapchats (not included in the above video), Taylor can be heard telling Kanye that she’d tell media she knew about the line on the Grammys red carpet, like “jokes on you guys” – exactly like Kim said. 

And as for the whole “famous” part, Taylor can be heard saying that Kanye needs to tell the story the way it was for him. “I didn’t matter that I sold millions of albums before then [the infamous ‘I’mma let you finish’ incident], you didn’t know who I was,” she said.

Somewhere, Calvin Harris and Katy Perry are both having just the best fucking day.

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This was the official statement from T-Swift HQ after the Kim’s GQ interview landed.

“Taylor does not hold anything against Kim Kardashian as she recognises the pressure Kim must be under and that she is only repeating what she has been told by Kanye West. However, that does not change the fact that much of what Kim is saying is incorrect.”

“Kanye West and Taylor only spoke once on the phone while she was on vacation with her family in January of 2016 and they have never spoken since. Taylor has never denied that conversation took place. It was on that phone call that Kanye West also asked her to release the song on her Twitter account, which she declined to do. Kanye West never told Taylor he was going to use the term, ‘that bitch’ in referencing her. A song cannot be approved if it was never heard. Kanye West never played the song for Taylor Swift. Taylor heard it for the first time when everyone else did and was humiliated. Kim Kardashian‘s claim that Taylor and her team were aware of being recorded is not true, and Taylor cannot understand why Kanye West, and now Kim Kardashian, will not just leave her alone.”

Photo: Getty / Harry How.