First of all, DON’T WORRY if you haven’t seen American Horror Story: Roanoke yet. This post contains no spoilers, largely because this author hasn’t seen it yet either and is avoiding them like the plague.

Second of all, Ryan Murphy just revealed far too casually that Lady Gaga‘s character this season – a very Coven-like ‘Witch of the Wood‘ – is actually the Original Supreme, linking this thing all the way back to Season 3.

HOLY: Ryan Murphy Says Lady Gaga’s Character In ‘Roanoke’ Is The OG Supreme

Obviously this is *big important news*, and why it was slipped into an interview about the current season (and it’s big upcoming twist) is anyone’s guess.

But anyway, the AHS co-creator confirmed the news to reporters in a conference call on Tuesday, alongside the bombshell fact that Lady Gaga’s character forms part of the threat that ties every single season together.

He also dropped that a future AHS season will “return to coven”, but we have no idea which one yet. Will it be the renewed seventh season, which he said will involve several Freak Show characters? Or the mysterious potential season eight, which he’s previously teased as only being a top secret storyline from just himself and one writer?

HOLY: Ryan Murphy Says Lady Gaga’s Character In ‘Roanoke’ Is The OG Supreme

One thing we know for sure is that Season 7 won’t have some big mystery about it’s theme. “We’re going to announce [the premise] in the spring,” he said. “We’re not doing a secrecy thing, but [next season] does have a big hook behind it.”


Now as far as this season goes, Murphy teased that Taissa Farmiga and Finn Wittrock are returning soon (phew), and that next episode is gonna bring the biggest goddamn twist this series has ever seen.

“Something happens where half the cast is revealed to be doing something completely different than you’ve seen in the first five [episodes],” he told TV Line. “You realise what you’ve been watching with some of the characters is not [who] they are. [The actors] had to do a mad scramble to find new voices and accents. It is a big turn. It’s the biggest plot twist we’ve ever done with the show. And there’s a startling announcement in Act 3 that resets the season up until Episode 10.”

BRB, catching up on Roanoke fucking asap.

Photo: AHS Coven.