Depending on who you ask, Pokémon Go has either changed the game in terms of AR mobile gaming, brought communities together and emboldened those with chronic invisible illness, *OR* it’s like, totally doomed civilisation because people are looking at their phones slightly more intently than they were before. 

But whatever end of the spectrum you stand on this issue, you cannot deny that Pokémon Go has made a real big impact on society. Not to mention Nintendo‘s $9 billion 25% stock price jump. 

So, obviously, Hollywood is now falling over itself to get the wheels in motion on that long-rumoured live-action Pokémon movie. 

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Legendary Pictures are trying very hard to move toward a deal to land the rights to the live-action film. 

Details are non-existent as this present moment, but we have all of our extremities crossed in hope that the film we’ve been promised since childhood will finally actually happen. 

We’ll wait here, patiently and calmly. 

Hollywood Reportedly Falling The Fk Over ‘Emselves To Make A Pokémon Movie

Source: Deadline.

Image: Pokémon.