Yet another of 2016’s terrible, heart-wrenching moments was the announcement that power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (relo-mix name: “Brangelina“) were getting divorced

While many thought of the couple as an example of true and long-lasting love, it seems as though this was not the case: the divorce got messy fast, with accusations of bad parenting, threats of lengthy custody battles and court dates being thrown around like feathers at a pillow fight. 

While this was heartbreaking to see, if may be a positive thing if you are a voyeuristic lover of ~celeb drama~: it’s now being reported that an “explosive” documentary about Brangelina‘s intense relationship and marriage (and fiery demise, obvs) is being made. 

Hold The Fkn Phone, An “Explosive” Doco On Brangelina’s Split Is Happening

The breakdown of the marriage will be detailed in a doco made by best-selling author Ian Halperin, who reportedly will allege that the couple were estranged for a whole year before announcing their divorce. 

A source close to the project says, 

“This is the definitive film about Brangelina and a lot of secrets are going to come out.

Ian has covered every cough and spit of their relationship and will reveal the real reasons behind Angelina filing for divorce.

He and his team have also managed to acquire some never-before-seen footage and interviews with both Brad and Angelina.”

Halperin wrote a best-selling book about the couple in 2009 charting the untold story of their relationship, and predicted that the couple would break up seven years later. WHICH ENDED UP BEING TRUE. 

Hold The Fkn Phone, An “Explosive” Doco On Brangelina’s Split Is Happening

There’s no details yet on when the doco will be released, but the title is, ‘Broken: The Incredible Story of Brangelina’

Source: The Sun.

Photo: Mr & Mrs Smith.