In today’s edition of ‘humans too pure for this world who we must protect at all costs’, I welcome to the table Nichole337 (AKA “Hey Guys It’s Nicole”) (AKA “I kissed a lobster and I liked it”).

I was a die-hard Nichole fan in ‘09 after stumbling upon her cover video for Taylor Swift’s “Should’ve Said No” and, of course, her viral remix of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”.

I then, well, moved on with my life because I had the attention span of a goldfish and hadn’t yet mastered the artform that is artist loyalty (I was a 13-year-old on the brink of puberty who had other problems to worry about, like camp and MySpace top friends and being in the closet, okay? Get off my case. I’m so sorry, Nichole.).

Nichole337 would unfortunately come to slip through the cracks of memory… until two days ago, when my mate Tom sent me some Nichole-related content. Her reemergence into my life was overwhelming. I subsequently opened ye ol’ laptop and discovered that Nichole337 had never stopped that content creator grind, still posting equally-iconic videos to this day.

Her videos are still quintessential Nichole337 and for that we must stan a consistent queen. She is now my favourite YouTuber once more, tied with Jenna Marbles.

(Quick sidebar: her 2012 “My Heart Will Go On” video recently experienced a resurgence after going viral on TikTok. Let’s appreciate it once more.) 

Nowadays, Nichole still uploads covers, as well as certain renditions featuring her pet rats. These are my favourite.

We may as well just call this a Nichole337 appreciation post. Nothing but respect for the OG queen of YouTube – and master of introducing herself – who’s well and truly stood the test of time. We love to see it.


Image: YouTube / @Nichole337; Instagram / @Nichole337