The plot has thickened yet again in the story of Bachelor bachelor and dirty lying liar Blake Garvey. The good people at New Idea report that Garvey, after dumping fiance Sam Frost in fairly spectacular fashion and riding the ensuing skid into one of the biggest media circuses the country has seen in recent times, is now officially dating Bachelor runner-up Louise Pillidge.

This effectively means that, when Garvey was interviewed by Kyle & Jackie O this week, he lied to their faces and all of our faces when he claimed he was not seeing anybody else from the show. If reality TV dating contestants are spinning such blatant falsehoods to breakfast radio hosts, there’s clearly nobody left in this nation that we can trust.

26-year-old Pillidge and 31-year-old Garvey have reportedly snagged a deal with New Idea to take their relationship public. They’ve already run an interview with a former contestant who, on condition of anonymity, whispered all kinds of Bachelor secrets in their ears, including the fact that producers “pushed” Blake to pick Sam, even though he totz had the hots for Louise.

The anonymous source then proceeded to throw seven different types of shade at Garvey, saying that he was “boring and sterile” on set, “awkward” to be around, and refused to speak to any of the other contestants unless they were being filmed. 

“Sam said that on the date where he gave her the necklace, even though he was so affectionate on camera, he wasn’t affectionate at all off camera,” the source said. “He would barely talk to her and didn’t want anything to do with her as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.”

Meanwhile, fellow runner-up Lisa Hyde confirmed yesterday that she is not pregnant with Garvey’s lovechild. Where will this crazy train take us next?

Image via Facebook