Here’s What ‘Straya Would Look Like In The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Universe

A graphic designer has reimagined what Australia would look like if this sun-burnt country of ours existed in the Game of Thrones universe, and it is wild.

Here you’ve got a general gist for the country-at-large.

Note that designer Alasdair Mott has ripped out a sizeable chunk of the Northern Territory and attached it to what’s left. Darwin has floated north. 

In this one, you’ll see Australia’s major cities (and Adelaide) reimagined as Canberonia, Sydneyfell, Brisbane Keep, The Castle Melb, and Ade Land.

The Wall has found its rightful spot between New South Wales and Victoria [relevant], and while there’s no Westeros equivalent of Bondi Beach, Victorians can cool themselves off in the Sea of Tears. SEA OF TEARS. There’s sledging material if we ever saw one.

But let’s take a closer look there:

Tasmania is now alarmingly close to mainland Australia, which is a bit not on. Calm your separation anxiety guys and GO PLAY WITH YOUR DRAGON.

And so we move swiftly along to the western half of Australia. Based on the fact that Western Australia is bordered by the ‘Gloriosa Ocean‘, we’re going to guess that Alasdair Mott is from Perth.

Broome, now a fortified city on the northern coast, is in a gloomy triangle with the Sea of Shadows and Dragon’s Reach, and is likely a much less-fun place to chill on your vacay. Unless you enjoy dragons and depresso bodies of water? Idk. 

And last, but by no means least, Uluru, or as it’s also known, the Red Rock Keep. Easy pun, 

Game of Thrones S5 comes out on DVD on March 16; S6 premiers on Foxtel on April 24.

Photos: supplied.