Here’s The Trailer For Season Nine Of “Doctor Who”

Gird your loins, fan people! The Good Doctor is coming back once again.

Peter Capaldi‘s second season – the ninth overall, in this current lineage – as arguably TV’s most popular and enduring character Doctor Who is just about upon us, with BBC set to unleash a new wave of inter-dimensional madness on September 19th.
Thanks to the on-going wonder that is the San Diego Comic Con International, not only do we have that release date to whet the ole’ appetite, but we’ve got a jam packed trailer to pore over and pick apart at will.
The sizzle reel-style trailer has more than enough to get y’all champing at the bit for the new series – including a bloody odd shot of Capaldi wrapping on a pair of wayfarers and laying down some hott lixx; perhaps the Twelfth Doctor is embracing a mid-life crisis and harking back to a simpler time where he wanted to be an universal rockstar instead.

And no, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed MAISIE FREAKING WILLIAMS making a totally badass entrance right at the end there like it ain’t even remotely a thang.
Arya Stark on Doctor Who? Tumblr just shit itself.
via Uproxx.