Awards shows truly bring out the best in humanity.

And no, I’m not talking about the sense of shared existence brought about by celebrating the bringing to life of humanity’s trials, tribulations and triumphs via collective human artistry. No, you see that’s actually dumb as heck. 

I’m of course talking about hot dang memes. MEMES BABY! 

It was a big ol’ day for internettery, what with Nicole Kidman’s inability to clap like a human, Ryan Gosling becoming ANOTHER wondrous meme, and that epic fuck-up making for some gold takes.

Here, however, are the best internet posts you may have missed from today’s Oscars. Ok, enjoy:

A matter of life and Dev. ?? (Credit: Twitter / DPD_). #oscars

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BONUS: Ok, not a meme or an internet joke, this just FILLS US WITH JOY:

Good work today internet, hit the showers!

Picture: Twitter / @boyinquestion.