Here’s The First Trailer For Chris Evans’ Directorial Debut “Before We Go”

You can’t run around in a red, white, and blue rubber suit punching Nazis all the time. That shit wears you down.

Sometimes you gotta play it cool, have a night off, maybe play a little trumpet in a train station and fall in love, y’know?
In between breaking bad guys faces and box office records, Chris Evans has taken the time to break a few hearts in the form of his directorial debut, “Before We Go.”
Set across one night in New York City – which is inevitably going to draw comparisons to the excellent Richard Linklater films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset – the film centres around two people who meet, by chance, in Grand Central Station after one of them (played by Alice Eve – who I just discovered was not Millicent Gergich in Parks & Recreation, and the fact that that is true is absolutely doing my head in) is robbed and misses her train to Boston.
Evans also stars in what looks to be a straight-up feels parade, and the trailer features a bunch of pretty looking night shots of the city.

The film also stars Mark Kassan and comes from a script that was written (at least in part) by Rain Man writer and legendary Hollywood pitch-man Ronald Bass.
It hits VOD as of today, with a theatrical release scheduled for September.