Here’s A Video Of Channel 10 Presenter Sarah Harris Almost Shooting Herself In The Face With A Nail Gun

Mornings are hard enough as it is. Morning television, you’d assume, would be even harder. Managing to not shoot yourself in the face with a pneumatic power tool mid-broadcast must then be the hardest challenge of them all. 
Luckily, Studio 10 presenter Sarah Harris had the wherewithal to overcome all three mean feats this morning when, during a segment with mindreader Anthony Laye, she narrowly missed out on self-selecting herself as a nominee for this year’s Darwin Awards by almost pushing the trigger and shooting herself in the face with a nail gun. As Fate would have it, Jessica Rowe intervened on the brink of what would’ve been the final nail in the coffin of Ten’s ratings by pointing the tool in its intended direction – into the palm of Laye.
For never was there a more apt metaphor for breakfast television of more woe than that of Sarah Harris and this near fatal blow. SMDH: