Crazy Rich Asians, starring Constance Wu and Henry Golding, is currently off to a flying start at the box office with over 44 million bucks and growing according to Box Office MojoIt’s an incredible achievement not only for the cast and crew, but for Asian-Americans who never thought they’d see someone like themselves starring in a huge Hollywood flick.

To keep the good vibes going, Golding and Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu decided to buy out two cinema screenings of Asian-American actor John Cho’s new thriller Searching. 

You might know Cho for his iconic role in the Harold & Kumar series or the new Star Trek films but now Cho is leading way in this new flick directed by Aneesh Chaganty. 

As Golding explained in an Instagram post:

Me and @jonmchu were at the theatre surprising audience members, but had to stop off at a @johnthecho poster for @searchingmovie. We both decided to buy out a cinema when it comes out and spread the support we have been receiving for CRA. #GoldOpen… Can’t wait to see it, coming soon!!

Cho replied in a post on his Twitter: “Aw, thanks fella. You really are crazy and rich!” 

Chaganty was also super grateful for the gesture:

Searching tells the story of one David Kim (Cho), whose 16-year-old daughter (Michelle La) goes missing. After 37 hours and no news from the police investigation, David decides to take things into his own hands by searching in the one place the police haven’t looked – her laptop. As you’ll see from the trailer, the entire film’s told via the laptop – we’re talking files, Skype, messenger, Facebook, hashtags –  the whole cyber shebang.

No joke, the trailer’s already intense as hell.

Searching will hit Aussie cinemas, September 13

The film, which comes out in the United States tomorrow, currently holds an 87 per cent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 39 critic reviews – 34 fresh and five rotten.

Image: Instagram / @henrygolding