This is not a drill, friends. This is very serious.

We all make mistakes, particularly when rushed international travel is concerned. You forget to tick a box here, or sign the wrong form there. Innocent little errors that really don’t hurt anyone. Should you be chastised for them? Absolutely. But you shouldn’t have to pay any significant price for them – let alone have that punishment levelled on an innocent furry best mate.

But that’s the reality that Johnny Depp is facing, thanks to the Australian Government who, in this case, are revelling in pretending to be Cruella de Vil a little too much.

Depp had to rush out of the country a while back because he broke his hand whilst filming the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie on the Gold Coast. On the way back in, he casually forgot to secure the permits to bring in the adorably fluffy Yorkshire Terriers he owns with wife, Amber Heard.

Little Boo and Pistol went unnoticed by Customs, due to Depp’s usage of a private charter plane, and the VIP treatment afforded to him at Brisbane Airport.

Unfortunately, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce is having none of that, and has served notice to Depp – either send Boo and Pistol back to California, or the Government will seize and EUTHANISE the poor wee pooches. SERIOUSLY.

The fact that Agriculture and Customs apparently does their investigating by scouring the TMZ and the gossip pages of New Idea aside, what kind of uncaring idiot gives that kind of ultimatum to anyone? Let alone Johnny Freaking Depp?

We realise the law might be the law, but if that’s the case then the law needs to change. A fine and vet check/quarantine instead, perhaps?

Bullying in any form is reprehensible. Bullying from a Government to someone’s beloved pooches is beyond unacceptable.

Let ’em know we’re not going to stand for it. We hearby christen a social media campaign to impel Barnaby Joyce to lighten the fuck up and let Boo and Pistol stay with Johnny and Amber for however long they’re in the country for.

Make yourselves heard! Let’s get #IllWalkWithBoo TRENDING, people.

We’ve got under 50 hours to yell about this. Retweet! Retweet! Retweet!

Photo: Kevin Winter via Getty Images.