Hey Max Doyle save some for the rest of us. Between turns as a successful fashion photographer (he shoots the majority of Australian Vogue covers these days), musician (his band Songs released their excellent self-titled debut in ’09), artist (his exhibition “Drums” opens in Brisbane tomorrow) and publisher (he helms the sporadically published but no less brilliant Doingbird) Mr. Polymath here is also directing his debut feature film. Based on a screenplay by Amanda Maxwell (Apartamento and Vice contributor and author of short story collection Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These) and produced by Claire Evans, Arc is a coming of age story which stars rising Aussies Isabelle Cornish (sister to Abbie) and Sophie Lowe (Beautiful Kate).

Says the synopsis: [Arc] is the subtle story of a country girl (Sophie) on a fleeting city visit, who finds herself falling for an avant-garde archery prodigy (Tom). He’s into her too and it looks like first love could be on the cards… until two older girls step in to initiate Tom into the world of teenage lust themselves… and Sophie finds herself becoming a spectator of what should be her own coming-of-age moment. In a world where the real archers are too cool for targets, Arc is what happens when Cupid’s arrows are lured way off track.

As Arc is a passion project and no one intends to make money, filmmakers are calling for donations to help fund gear hire, props, set dressings, post-production, and insurances for all the volunteers. Your donations won’t go unnoticed either. $10 affords you the filmmakers’ deepest thanks. $500 affords you dinner with the writer, director and producer, a ‘Thank You’ in the credits, a limited edition photographic print and a ticket to the cast and crew screening. $1000 affords you a photo session in Sydney with Doyle, a visit to the ARC set, a ‘Thank You’ in the credits, a limited edition photographic print, a signed copy of the script, and a ticket to the cast and crew screening. While $2000 affords you a Songs acoustic set in your house, followed by an exclusive screening of the film.

Help fund an Australian film and receive heaps of cool shit in return? #bi-winning

Filming takes place in April. Donate here