Following last night’s doozy of an episode, The Bachelor contestant Helena Sauzier has reportedly been forced to disable comments on her Instagram which is probably for the best given the unholy amount of trolls about.

The 25-year-old had a controversial run in the episode where she dumped Matt Agnew (twice) then changed her mind about it.

Pretty much anything the Bachie babes do is bound to draw a negative reaction from viewers and to avoid the backlash, she stopped the trolls in their tracks by revoking their access to her latest pics, Daily Mail reveals.

Sauzier removed comment access on the below two posts that she shared last night as the episode aired.

The first is from her Bachie promo shoot and the caption reads, “Green means go for it, right?”

An obvious nod to her ballsy actions in the ep.

And the other is from her latest OK! Magazine photoshoot and the caption reads, “Top 4,” with a surprised face emoji and a red heart emoji. Bless.

It’s unclear if the commenting option was disabled at the time of posting or if the posts became flooded with now-deleted comments which prompted her to make the change.

Although she was able to keep her Instagram comment free, punters were still able to share their thoughts via Twitter.

The final eps of this year’s season of The Bachelor are coming soon so gird your loins.