YES PLS: Heartbreak High Is Hitting Netflix This Month So You Can Rack Off On Demand

heartbreak high netflix

The 90s have been well and truly in vogue again the last few years, but now one of the missing pieces of the quintessential Aussie 90s vibe is about to come back to us – Heartbreak High. Yep, get ready to either want to be with Bogdan Drazic or be him, because the iconic highschool drama is coming to Netflix from November 27.

I’m already predicting a sudden renaissance of eyebrow piercings thanks to this huge new in.

I mean is that an iconic 90s TV series or just a Fitzroy North sharehouse coming out of lockdown? I can’t tell.

The return of the coming-of-age series is absolutely going to usher in a whole new wave of Aussies yelling “aw rack off” at each other, wearing wraparound sunnies, and donning gloriously boxy dresses again. Wait, that one’s already happening.

As someone who was a shave too young to get all the ~adult themes~ in Heartbreak High when it was originally on TV (between 1994 and 1999) I’m legit very excited to watch all these baby Aussie actors performing their little hearts out.

I mean, tiny Ada Nicodemou (Leah from Home & Away), Scott Major (Lucas from Neighbours), Ernie DingoSimon Baker (The Mentalist), Callan Mulvey (Jack Rollins in the Avengers), and Luke Jacobz before they were well-known? Sign me the fuck up.

And true, I might have just missed the original run of the show but I can tell you right here and now that this theme song has just flung me straight back to watching ABC in the late 90s.

Oof, right in the childhood.

Not gonna lie, I’m also thinking the classic cowrie shell necklace that Drazic sports is very much going to come back in fashion this year. The time is ripe, I’m literally wearing Davidoff Cool Water perfume and looking at buying a surfboard. It’s happening, we’re going full late-90s Australian summer.

So feel free to wag school/work/life (sorry, boss) and park yourself in front of the TV with a Sunny Boy, and get extremely ready for an education in classic Australian TV on Netflix. Let’s be honest, Heartbreak High walked so The OC could run. I will absolutely die on that hill.