Headspace Just Dropped A Netflix Show To Help Fix Your Sleep And I’m Binging It All Before Bed

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Chances are you’ve seen a Headspace ad come on when you’re browsing through YouTube videos, and suddenly this calm, relaxing voice appears to tell you how to sleep. Well, now you’ll be able to access these dreamy vids with ease, because the company have released a Netflix show!

Sometimes it isn’t exactly easy to slip away into dreamland. Some people listen to white noise, others listen to the sound of rain, and those of us with a few coins in their pocket, pay for Headspace, which talks them into a deep slumber.

If you’ve looked at Headspace from afar with a longing look on your face, tossing up whether or not you should add it onto the long list of subscriptions, you’re now in luck.

With its brand new show all about sleep arriving onto Netflix today, all you’ll need to do is pay for Netflix (which I’m sure all of us do by now.)

The show, aptly titled Headspace Guide To Sleep, comes in seven episodes that are roughly 20 minutes long each. The best part is, every ep finishes off with a relaxing, guided wind-down.

“Each episode unpacks misconceptions, offers friendly tips and concludes with a guided wind-down,” reads the Netflix description.

The seven episodes focus on how to sleep better, putting your phone away at bedtime (and whether phones are even bad for you in bed), the nature of dreams, managing stress, the use of sleeping pills, managing insomnia and obtaining a healthy sleep rhythm.

I know what I’m going to be putting on when I’m ready to snooze but still want to watch something.

Watch the trailer below, which promises some kickass information about sleep. I’m here for it.

The show joins Headspace Guide To Meditation, which landed on Netflix in January this year. That series focused more on how to relax while you’re awake, so if you combine the two, you should be relaxed 24/7 (probably, I’m not a scientist.)

You can watch the trailer for the meditation series right here, which promises to teach you about doing nothing, which I am very enticed by.

If you need me I’m going to be binging all of the episodes tonight instead of sleeping.

Check out Headspace Guide To Sleep on Netflix here.