HBO’s 2016 Trailer Teases Unseen ‘GOT’ Footage, Hypes Planet Into Oblivion

HBO is on a three-decade winning streak. Despite having the magnanimity to allow those pesky upstarts AMC, Netflix and Amazon do their thing, the grand-daddy of fuckin’ great telly continue to demonstrate their behemoth pop-cultural impact.

Observe: two minutes and forty five seconds of 2015’s efforts, and some flashes of what’s next. Of course, ‘what’s next’ is an awfully diminuitive way of saying “holy shit, new Game Of Thrones,” and the trailer drops a few fleeting and never-before-seen shots to boot – Cersei’s done with her shaming, Daenerys remains the sole operator of Westeros’ first airline and Ramsay is still… well, Ramsay.

Along the way are some sneak peeks at ace newies from Vinyl, Silicon Valley, Ballers, Veep, and promises of new content from Jon Stewart (!!!)

Fill your eyeballs below:

Story: Deadline.
Photo: Twitter.