HBO Edited The Starbucks Cup Out Of ‘GoT’, Marking Latest Season 8 Death

After all the fanfare and whodunit of the rogue Starbucks cup that somehow found its way into the big party at Winterfell this week, HBO has owned up to the error and swiftly edited the cup out of the scene, eradicating the idea of a potential Westeros Starbucks from the show.

[jwplayer wVWyAnB7]

Despite doubling down on the misplaced cup which was apparently Daenerys ordering a “herbal tea” – but I like to think that Bran warged into the future, turned into a coffee cup, and then warged back –HBO went in and fixed up the scene of the crime by masterfully ‘shopping out the offending cuppe.

I mean come on, at least lean into it and say that Daenerys is a Pumpkin Spice Latte stan like the rest of us.

As per Entertainment Weekly, HBO ended up admitting that they’d done a sneaky edit, so although it’s now removed from future streams of the episode, the controversy of the famed disposable cup will live on forever in screengrabs and memes across time and space.

Regardless, a masterwork in the art of photoshopping out something that makes an other-realm Starbucks chain canon. Coulda fooled us, HBO.