HBO Drops 1st Footage Of New ‘GoT’ & ‘Big Little Lies’ In Froth-Inducing Promo

HBO have come out overnight US time to whet your appetites for their upcoming slate of releases and, mates, we’re already salivating.

[jwplayer jJoBfNnw]

It’s our first glimpse at next year’s Game of Thrones, replete with a castle and beards and dragons and very handsome man Jon Snow in a billowing cape on the edge of a cliff (oooh moody, atmospheric, wow), and a super casual impending war.

2019 also promises new seasons of Barry, Bill Hader‘s under-the-radar comedy; Mahershala Ali taking the lead in True Detective; more presidential antics care of Veep; and a very purse-lipped Meryl Streep in season two of Big Little Lies.

All of the things, please, I would like to watch all of the things.

On top of that they’ve flagged some more as ‘coming soon’, which could mean tomorrow, or in two years, who knows (??): a new season of The Deuce, featuring Maggie GyllenhaalLeBron James with The Shop; the Duplass Brothers‘ sometimes-unnerving hotel anthology Room 104; a new Flight of the Conchords special; a movie that is not but very much should be a buddy comedy with Peter Dinklage and Jamie DornanMy Dinner With Hervéa Jane Fonda doco; an interview with Jon Stewart on Pod Save AmericaDavid Tennant and Jennifer Garner in Camping; and an adaptation of Elena Ferrante‘s My Brilliant Friend.

Okay, I did my journalistic diligence (don’t all clap at once): The Shop is slated for 28 August, The Deuce for 9 September, Jane Fonda in Five Acts for 24 September, Flight of the Conchords: Live in London for 6 October, Pod Save America for 12 October, and Camping for 14 October. There’s no exact date scheduled for My Brilliant Friend, just the vague, ‘this fall’, which to spin it to our hemisphere, could be this Saturday, could be November some time. You have either one week or three months to read the book. Also no word on Room 104, but we’d wager we’ll cop a new season by the end of the year.

In the meantime, go forth and binge, while we wait to find out which Aussie platforms have scored the rights for each of these: