HBO Is Toying With 4 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spin-Offs ‘Cos Winter Will Never End

Game Of Thrones’ final season hasn’t even debuted yet, but the series already feels like it’s wrapped up. We understand there will be a stunning amount of death when it premieres on July 16. We acknowledge someone new will probably sit on the single most uncomfortable chair in the Seven Kingdoms. We recognise that Gendry has probably rowed his way off the goddamned planet. 

HBO ain’t ready to kiss goodbye to its wild money-spinner though, ’cause four options for potential spin-off series are currently in the works. Four.

The Hollywood Reporter reckons the network has employed four writers to pen their potential takes, with mastermind George R. R. Martin collaborating on two of ’em. The standalone series could focus on the world of Westeros before A Song Of Ice And Fire, meaning we could get a glimpse at the chaos that preceded Thrones. Alternatively, they could be full-on sequels, or spin-offs from within the same timeline.

FWIW, the writers are all big names. Max Borenstein has been involved in the recent Godzilla and King Kong movie revivals; Brian Helgeland won an Oscar for adapting the screenplay of L.A. Confidential; Jane Goldman adapted Kick-Ass for the screen and has worked on the past few X-Men films; and Carly Wray helped pen a little show called Mad Men. George R. R. Martin is collaborating with Goldman and Wray. No word on when his next book will come out.

Expect to hear more news on which direction HBO will take when the original series draws to a close.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.
Photo: Game Of Thrones / HBO.