HBO Commissions Lena Dunham To Create 60s-Era Feminist Comedy

Love / loathe / have a lot of confusing feelings about Lena Dunham, there’s no denying that the girl woman is a force to be reckoned with in this crazy, mixed-up world of ours.

Fresh from launching her feminist newsletter Lenny (with guest bloggers newsletter writers of the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Ratajkowski), old mate Dunham is now set to direct and executive produce a new TV show called Max.

The pilot has just been picked up by HBO, who were clearly happy with the phenomenal success of their last HBO/Dunham venture – GIRLS – and want to keep the ball rolling.

It’s a half-hour comedy about feminism, and if you think that’s an oxymoron, then feel free to go back to inhaling episodes of Entourage and proclaiming Vinnie Chase to be “the man” to your mouth-breathings bros and we’ll never speak of this again.

For everyone else: Max is set in the magazine world circa 1963, and revolves around the story of an ambitious writer who gets caught up in the women’s movement and second-wave feminism. 


Variety is reporting that Lisa Joyce (whose credits include recurring roles in Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife, SVU and The Following, as well as permanent gig in Billy & Billie) is set to star.

While *some* naysayers may be under the misguided belief that ‘feminists have no sense of humour’, and the joke “How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? That’s not funny” is absolute fucking hoot – *COUGH SPLUTTER ZOO WEEKLY COUGH DIE* – those naysayers are behind a now-defunct publication.

So, we say, let the feminist comedy good times roll, sometime in 2016.

Pictures: Instagram / Paul Redmond via Getty Images.