US Paranormal Investigators Share Footage From “Haunted” House That Even They Refuse To Re-Enter

Here’s one for lovers (and haters) of all things cursed: Two paranormal investigators in Louisiana have reportedly come across a haunted house that they’ve compared to the real-life case that inspired the iconic flick Amityville Horror.

Cindy Parr and Greg Matlock, this generation’s Ed and Lorraine Warren, were called by the homeowner to investigate the spooky old house that’s believed to be haunted by the owner’s great-grandmother Adele.

In footage obtained by The Sun, the pair – who’ve been in the ghost-hunting business for 20 years – freak the fuck out upon coming in contact with an evil entity.

In the clip, Matlock is heard calling out down a hallway for a sign of the spirit’s presence, and in response, a door slowly swings open. He then apologises and says there’s definitely something there.

Parr explained that prior to the video, they had already performed another test which determined that the place is “definitely haunted.”

“On the second day, we actually went in and stayed the night, it killed five of our batteries, they feed off the energy,” Parr told the publication. “We asked for a sign if it wanted us to leave, and it shut down a light, we were like, okay, but we didn’t leave yet.”

And get this, Adele’s bedroom door “opened up and then closed,” leading them to believe that the place is “very creepy” and “definitely haunted.”

Now, Adele was quite small and frail when she passed at 90, so the ghost hunters believe someone else must have been around as well.

Matlock described a 2am encounter, saying: “I turned into the room and saw this black mass standing there, it wasn’t a shadow or anything like that, it was pretty wide.”

“I don’t think it was the older lady, I think it was something totally different, the figure was bigger and stood about 6ft,” he added.

“It started to turn and I just thought, ‘Oh no’ and ran out, I was done, it was unbelievable, everything just slowed down.”

He adds that he could “feel the power” from the spirit, adding that “it was bad.”

“We got out and I was definitely exhausted, it draws energy from you, my chest was even hurting,” he said.

Scared for their lives, the duo said their prayers and got the heck out of dodge, but on their way home, they changed their minds and returned to the house, where they experienced yet another spooky encounter.

“We could hear scratches on the walls, growls, it even started to smell like urine upstairs, that’s not just your average ghost, that’s something really bad,” Matlock added.

“It was like watching Amityville Horror on TV, but we were living it. That house is definitely the worst house I’ve ever been in.”

Dawn Vallot DeClout, the owner of the house and Adele’s great granddaughter, said her relatives built it in the 1930s and that she lived there up until the 1980s.

“I want to see what happens when someone else lives in it, I don’t think they’re going to be able to stay,” the sadistic-ass woman said.

So what now? Well, a new owner has purchased the home (fools!) and intends to move the house 20 miles away so as to avoid the entity.

New owners, if you’re reading this: As someone who knows a thing or two about spiritual entities, I can guarantee it’s not just attached to your land, it’s immersed itself into the walls of the house. Moving it only spreads the problem, it won’t make it go away.

Call a priest and stock up on sage – I beg of you.