Between posing for Gucci with a live chook and wowing us with his impeccable style, happy cupcake Harry Styles is melting a ton of hearts on his first solo world tour. At his Friday concert in Philadelphia, Styles waved a rainbow flag with the words Make America Gay Again emblazoned on them.

It’s an obvious play on – and a far more lovable version of – President Donald Trump’s infamous Make America Great Again. 

As the story of the night goes, Styles had been singing a delightful rendition of What Makes You Beautiful when he spotted major fan Karla Balcazar in the crowd.

When I say major, I mean major because according to Balcazar, she had rocked up to the stadium at 9AM and waited in line for TEN HOURS to make sure she had an extremely quality spot in General Admission. BUT, the ticket Balcazar bought was actually a dud and part of a scam which had ripped off 57 other people.

Long story short for Balcazar, she had to spend even more money on shitty tickets but then met a really sweet security guard who had seen her and her friends wait in line all day. So, the security guard let her through into the General Admission section and all was well again.

Extremely lucky enough to still score a spot right next to the barricade, Balcazar got out her rainbow flag:

(Stay tuned for the official pictures on Styles’ Instagram.)

Please enjoy the moment Styles asks for the flag and Balcazar loses her shit (brace yourselves for the screams):

More screams:

Styles has always been a y’huge public supporter of the LGBTQI community. At the beginning of Pride Month, he released t-shirts with the words ‘Treat People With Kindness’ on them in a rainbow print. All proceeds from the shirts go to GLSEN – an American education organisation striving for safe and inclusive schools for LBGTQI youth.

You can check out the shirts HERE.

Earlier this month and during his first American show in Dallas, Texas Styles had the words ‘End Gun Violence’ on a sticker on his guitar. After the show, he posted a close-up of the sticker to his social media:

Dallas, Live On Tour.

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