As the majority of you return to your desks today, I at least bring you some precious news. Harry Styles, wealthy prince, has tipped a restaurant $2,020 in celebration of the new year. That is precisely $2,000 more than I could ever tip. Love that.

Per PEOPLE, Styles is / was having a splendid time in Anguilla in the Eastern Caribbean with close mates James Corden and Adele. Cool, calm, casual. On Saturday night, the trio dined at a local restaurant called the Caribbean Fish Market. Thanks to one keen employee, we have pictures.

An angel, a good sport, a big tipper.

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Great night with great peeps @j_corden @harrystyles ! Salud!

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I like to think Styles was either tipsy as hell or just feeling generous when he made the tip. Dinner all up cost $472.50, bringing the grand total of the night to $2492.50. Woof.

“Big ups to @harrystyles for taking care of Mr Big Life!” the employee captioned a picture of the receipt.

He also @’d Donnie Wahlberg who recently made headlines over in the US after he tipped an IHOP the same amount of money to celebrate 2020.

I imagine the receipt is headed straight to the pool room / a wall everyone can see at the joint. But also, do you reckon the three chipped in for the tip or it’s all Harry Styles? The IG post makes me think Styles copped the bill but maybe they split it. Maybe. I don’t know how rich people do things.

News of the vacation inevitably reached social media over the weekend, after snaps of Adele frolicking in the sea surfaced. These aside, the holiday now has fans yearning for a collaboration between the artist and Styles. Not going to lie, it would be divine. But I’ll settle for the fact that delightful beings Adele and Harry Styles (and James Corden) are having the time of their lives at the beach together.

Image: Instagram / @moroccanpython