Harry Styles Was Groped At His Gig And The Fandom Is Out For Blood

Harry Styles, snappy dresser, former One Direction member and owner of a perfect face, is known for setting off wild hysteria within his fandom. I know, because I am one of these fans.

But during the We Can Survive breast cancer benefit concert in Los Angeles on the weekend, a particularly grabby Harry-lover crossed a major line – and it’s safe to say the kids are not happy about it.

During a spirited rendition of fan favourite banger Kiwi, young Harold went up to the edge of the stage and got down on his knees to belt out the tune. It was then that an opportunistic fan reached out and copped a feel of the 24-year-old’s crotch.

Unlike the punter, Harry wasn’t feeling it and can be seen swatting the person’s hand away before quickly leaving the area.


While millions of people adore Harry Styles and most probably have a desire to be up close and personal with his peen, most decent human beings realise that we need his consent to actually touch it.

Rightly so, the fandom is raging in Harry’s defence, even forming a #RespectHarry movement on social media as they call out the incident for what it is: sexual assault.


The singer himself hasn’t addressed the situation, but rest assured his loyal fans will probably cut anyone who tries this kind of grubby move ever again.