Harry Styles Fans Are Shook That He Speaks In The Latest ‘Dunkirk’ Trailer

First of all, it needs to be said that ‘Dunkirk‘ has one of the most stacked casts in recent history.

Christopher Nolan‘s epic film about the WW2 battle boasts some of the greatest acting chops currently in the biz: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance and James D’Arcy, as well as a bunch of solid newcomers. It’s an ensemble cast from heaven.

But one of those newcomers? Harry goddamn Styles, a.k.a. ~the popular one~ from the most popular boy band of the decade. (5 Seconds of Summer, eat me.)

The mere appearance of his brow in the last ‘Dunkirk’ trailer had people absolutely bloody frothing, but in this latest one – a 30 second spot being advertised via Instagram – the man speaks. SPEAKS! Pray, someone pass me the smelling salts.

Confusingly, it looks like there’s *two* new trailers. One where Harry screams “GET OFF THE SHIP!!!” and another where he says earnestly, “Somebody’s got to get off, so the rest of us can live.” This is the key point of difference in these clips: Harry Styles lines. Y’know, and the actual bits of the film they decide to show.

Here they are, courtesy of Twitter.

And yeah, people are SHOOK THE FUCK UP.

The amusing thing is that it was only one day ago when newcomer Fionn Whitehead, who plays Tommy in the film, spoke out about Harry hysteria overshadowing the work of literally every other actor involved.

“He’s great, he’s a good actor and a lovely guy… I think the hysteria – [perhaps] it should have been expected when you take a figure like that and give him a short back and sides and put him in a uniform,” he said. “I think it’s got a bit silly really. The meaning has got lost somewhere along the way and people have stopped realising there’s an amazing cast – including Harry – but there’s, you know, the crème de la crème of actors.

“I think the focus should not be Harry Styles doing a movie, it should be on the piece in general or his ability to act. And he’s great.”

Awks. Sorry, Fionn.

Anyway, this thing comes out July 20 and I am, for one, excited as hell.

Photo: Dunkirk.