Apparently *That* Sloppy Harry Styles Pash Has Pissed Off Olivia Wilde Who Was Mates W/ Em Rata

Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski

It looks like Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Stylespublic make-out session has pissed off Style’s ex Olivia Wilde, who up until now was basically BFFs with Em Rata. Messy.

An inside source (grain of salt, etc.) told the Daily Mail that Em Rata broke Olivia’s trust by pashing Harry, who she dated for two years before their breakup just a few months ago.

“Olivia and Emily were friends and this is a betrayal,” they said. Ooft.

“Olivia does not want to be dragged into this mess and she refuses to go backwards in her life,” they continued.

“She is focused on her career and her kids and not giving this any more of her energy.”

Another source told Page Six that Em Rata is apparently “begging” for forgiveness, but Olivia Wilde is having none of it.

“She is staying far away from this and taking the high road,” the source said.

“She wants nothing to do with this mess.”

Olivia Wilde and Emily Ratajkowski have been friends for a while, with the two partying it up together at Vanity Fair’s Oscars Bash just a couple of weeks before the kiss.

Olivia and Em Rata also attended Harry Styles’ Paris show together, and Em Rata publicly defended Olivia throughout all the Don’t Worry Darling drama.


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ICYMI, Emily and Harry were spotted on the streets of Tokyo making out like drunk, inexperienced teenagers while people just stood around and… watched?

It was weird, the pash looked sloppy and awkward AF, and somehow I was given the ick by the two most in-demand hotties of our celebrity world. Absolutely wild scenes.

Harry was in Japan for his Love on Tour tour, and Emily Ratajkowski was in town for a Marc Jacobs party they both attended.