1D Fans Are Salty With Louis Tomlinson For Ignoring Harry Styles On His Bday

Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson Birthday Tweeter

Guys, it’s February 1, and we all know what that means: it’s Harry Styles‘ birthday, FFS. It should really be an international holiday, a day where the world’s population stops to take a moment to be thankful that we exist at the same time as this perfect specimen of a human.

But, you know, it’s not. So we’re forced to got to school / Uni / work while engaging in the Feb 1 tradition: speculating how many members of One Direction will wish Harry, who today turns 24, “happy birthday” on Twitter.

A quick update – our Irish Prince Niall Horan was first cab off the rank with this sparkling little gem.

Well, bless ye little cotton socks, Neil.

Then Liam Payne came to the virtual party with this shout out.

Well that’s quite nice.

No word from Zayn Malik, but he’s not even counted as a 1D member so that’s neither here nor there.

But there is one other 1D boy who hasn’t bothered to lift a finger. Hasn’t sent a “happy birthday”, a “HBD”… not even a friggin’ birthday cake emoji.

Louis Tomlinson, where u at?

Now, even if you’re not a #Larry shipper and believe that these two have been / are currently in love, it’s still pretty weird that he hasn’t tweeted yet.

So of course, the fans have taken to Twitter to prod Tommo into action.


When all else fails, make up your own.



Larries have some theories…


I’ll just settle for reliving last year’s bday tweet, I guess.


*refreshes Louis’ Twitter feed for 14,000th time*