Sydney Harry Potter Fans Slam “Horrible” $200 Hogwarts-Themed Brunch

Harry Potter Brunch Sydney Hogwarts

A Harry Potter-style Wizard’s Lunch held in Sydney University‘s MacLaurin Hall is being slammed for being “weird” and “unpleasant”  by several disappointed wannabe wizards and witches who attended the sold-out event, for which tickets ranged from $160-$205.

Speaking to, brunch-goers expressed their distaste at the performances, lack of food and organisation (or lack thereof) at the Wizard’s Brunch, held by Immersive Ventures at Sydney Uni’s majestic Hogwarts Great Hall-like space back in May.

One attendee told the publication:

It was just a bit of a joke to be honest. From the get-go we were really excited that it was going to be a Harry Potter brunch like in the movies, with an abundance of food. Everything was bite-sized; it may as well have been a canapé event. Our table missed out on certain dishes, I had to ask them to bring out things on the menu. The clincher for me was the dessert platter, which was a small mini-cupcake.

Cousin Dudley would be most dissatisfied.

The disgruntled patron added that the brunch involved a performance, which she slammed for being “weird”.

If they had marketed it as a show I wouldn’t have gone. It was weird…something to do with a potion? I couldn’t hear anything. I think a school performance would do a better job.

Another anonymous attendee told that the food was “small portions” and “very cheap, like chicken drumsticks, salad, ham and ravioli… [and] there was no butter beer”.

She added that: “The experience wasn’t pleasant and the event was poorly organised…everyone wasn’t happy, complaining about how bad the food was.”

A spokesperson for Immersive Ventures told the publication that the issues from the May event had been rectified for the July brunch that took place last weekend, saying: “We had maybe 10 people who had a bad food experience. The other May events from the first one and ones in July were great. As you can see from all customer feedback and surveys this event was delivered excellently.”

The event will apparate to Melbourne‘s Town Hall next, with brunches planned for January 2019.