Harry Potter Fans Are Leaving Secret #PotterItForward Notes In The Books

Harry Potter fans are scientifically proven to be more tolerant towards others, so we know they / we / you are just a top notch bunch of people, but now we have Potterheads leaving actual secret notes in the books to inspire the next generation of Harry Potter readers.

They’re writing to future readers about what the books mean to them, or what they learned from the stories, or even simply their favourite quote – and then using the hashtag #PotterItForward to spread the HP-flavoured joy. 

Original HP fans – presumably categorised as those of us who understand the torture of waiting years for the next book – are Pottering-It-Forward to inspire the next generation of Harry Potter fans.

Hello, Madam Pomfrey? We need something to deal with my OVERDOSE OF FEELINGS this morning.

Have a read of the notes here:

Excellent tweeter and author of Harry Potter, the J.K. Rowling herself, has yet to comment on #PotterItForward, but you basically guarantee on is coming. To be continued.

Image: Twitter.