Accio, Potter-nerds: Bloomsbury have released its 20th Anniversary ‘Hogwarts House‘ edition Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and they’re goddamn beautiful.

Designed by award-winning illustrator Levi Pinfold, it comes in four different styles: red for Gryffindor, yellow for Hufflepuff, blue for Ravenclaw, and green for Slytherin. Matching your bookshelf to your personality is extremely 2018, imho.

The idea is that each of the seven books will (eventually) be released in these House Editions. They alternative between house colours and black each year (and again for hardback vs paperback), so that when complete, your set will be a stripy tribute to Harry Potter, right on your bookshelf.

Unfortunately, your set presumably won’t be complete until 2027 (i.e. the 20th anniversary of Deathly Hallows), but tbh, that’s not a problem. Harry Potter fans are used to waiting.

The new and – alright, we’re going for it – utterly magical editions will be released on July 2nd, 2018, but you can pre-order your copy right the hell now.

EXCLUSIVE: we’re thrilled to reveal the news you’ve all been waiting for. Stunning House Editions of HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS, illustrated by Levi Pinfold, will be released on 28th June to mark the 20th anniversary of first publication of HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS on 2nd July 2018. The hardbacks will be in each house colour with artwork in black and striped sprayed edges. The paperbacks will be black with artwork in the corresponding house colours. All seven books in the series will be issued in these highly collectable House Editions – dates to be revealed! The colours for each of the House Editions in the Harry Potter series will alternate between black and the house colour, for the paperbacks and hardbacks, to create a beautiful set for your bookshelf! Pre-order your copy today (hit link in bio) #HarryPotter20 #ChamberofSecrets

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And look, if you’re anything like me, after literal dozens of re-readings, your original copies are probably covered in tea stains and missing their covers. It’s probably time they had an update, no?

Image: Warner Bros / Bloomsbury