Everywhere you look, there’s loosely Harry Potter-themed shit going on. There’s unauthorised rooftop bars popping up in Melbourne before getting served with copyright infringement. There’s ~magical lunches~ held in Great Hall-like venues. There’s unofficial Halloween costumes called, like, Bespectacled Teen Wizard Outfit. And now, folks, there’s a Harry Potter-themed burlesque strip show coming to town.

That’s right, if you like Harry Potter but you also like naked people, then this is the night out for you. I’m guessing JK Rowling isn’t really into this combination of things, so frankly I’m shocked that it’s still going ahead given Warner Bros’ history of shutting this stuff down.

Called The Philosopher’s Strip, the show has apparently enjoyed successful runs at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory and Melbourne’s Imperial Hotel (the home of the aforementioned rooftop bar), and now it’s coming back to Syd for a one-off show at Darling Harbour’s Home the Venue this Sunday, Sep 29.

The show apparently involves, according to the press release: “a magical display of burlesque, dance, acrobatics, aerial, voguing, singing and a soundtrack that will make your cupboard under the stairs shake including a banging Hogwarts remix supplied by KLP.”

If that raises your wand, you can pick up tickets HERE, where the show is described somewhat confusingly as:

Wands at the ready, witches! It’s time to party like it’s 1997. Robe up, butter your beer and prepare yourself for the magical rave of a lifetime as we undress The Boy Who Lived!

Part circus, part burlesque, part cabaret… full Harry Potter DANCE PARTY.

NOTE: this is absolutely NOT a show about He Who Must Not Be Named, the baby with the scar, or that school we all wish we went to. Srsly tho. Where was my letter?

I’m not sure that last note is enough to avoid the wrath of JK Rowling and Warner Bros., but ten points to Gryffindor for trying.

Image: Lou Scarlett