‘Harry Potter’ Actor Devon Murray Reveals 10-Yr Struggle With Depression

‘Harry Potter’ actor Devon Murray – a.k.a. the explosion-happy Seamus Finnigan – has opened up about his depression for the first time, in order to give awareness to mental illnesses and mark World Mental Health Day

In a series of tweets, Murray revealed how he’d been dealing with depression for a decade, and experienced suicidal thoughts for the first time this year, saying he was “pretty much getting ready to hang [him]self”.

After he sent out the tweets and started receiving supportive feedback, he decided to speak to Eoghan McDermott on Irish radio station RTÉ 2fm.
He said that this discussion of mental illness had happened just five months after he and his parents had to pay back the €260,000 he owed his former agent in unpaid commission fees.
In court, his mother Fidelma Murray said he’d spend a good chunk of his €1,000,000 on “drinking, taken out girls and cars, because that is what teenage boys do”.
Devon told RTÉ:
“I felt like I had let down my parents, I felt like I couldn’t do anything right. I was pointless, I was just a disaster.

And then come April, I had to stand in the barn and I had to clean out all of the horses stables.

I’d turn them out onto the arena, I’d turn them out onto the fields and I had a laundering rope.

And I threw it over one of the bannisters in the barn and I was pretty much getting ready to hang myself.”
So I text my mam and my dad and I can’t remember exactly what I said to them but it was me asking them for help without me actually asking for help.”
He said that being away from his family as a child actor contributed to his depression:
“Harry Potter was the best thing in my life but in a sense it kind of turned into some of the worst times of my life.

So now I’m in a good place I want to get back into the saddle again and get out acting and just be me again and do what I love.”
Earlier this year, Devon revealed he was a “mess” as his family were going through “some difficult times”. He said it was “worst time of [his] life”.

The actor says he’s now in a “much better” place and is happy to “talk about everything”.
Source: Twitter / @DevonMMurray.
Photo: Warner Bros.

If you or someone else is in an emergency situation, please call 000 immediately. To contact the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia call their national helpline on 1800 985 944. To reach SANE, a national charity helping Aussies affected by mental illness lead a better life, call their helpline on 1800 187 263. If you or someone else needs support in a crisis situation please holla at Lifeline on 13 11 14.