Are Harry & Francesca From ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Still Together? A Horny Investigation

They’re one of the main it-couples of Netflix’s new dating reality show, Too Hot To Handle, but since the show actually wrapped a while ago, what are both Francesca Farago and Aussie naughty possum Harry Jowsey up to in 2020? Are Harry and Francesca still together? Have they consciously uncoupled? Are they doing long distance during the age of coronavirus? We went on a (very important) deep dive to try and figure out what the two cheeky butter chickens have been up to since they left the island off Mexico.

Obviously, this article is going to have some serious spoilers for Too Hot To Handle, so if you’re not like those of us who have absolutely binge-watched all eight episodes of the first season in one weekend, BE WARNED.

Now, time to whip out our tea binoculars.

The show obviously wrapped a while ago, and, since then, both Harry and Francesca have posted Instagram flicks of themselves in the other person’s respective homelands.

Last July, for example, the pair posted flicks at the Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary, posing with some Aussie furry friends.

Harry hails from Queensland, so it seems as though the duo made a conscious effort to stay together post-filming.

Harry also posted a flick of himself in Vancouver, where Francesca lives, around the same time. Promising! We love to see it!

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day 2020 and things began to seem, err, a little less promising.

The duo posted images with rather cryptic captions hinting at their single statuses.

“As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s a good time to think about relationships and how it’s two people coming together to solve problems you wouldn’t have if you were just single,” Harry wrote, alongside one of those thinking emojis.

If you were confused by that ambiguous caption, Francesca then put the bloody nail in the coffin, posting a series of ‘love is dead’ style posts.

So, are Harry and Francesca still together? It appears not, unfortunately. The duo still follow each other, so maybe they’ve just decided to stay mates.

This is extremely disappointing to me – I thought reality television romance was true love. Shocked and upset.