Harrison Ford is your classic grump. Rarely speaks in public, doesn’t smile, treats most interviews like they’re a colossal waste of his time. The idea of Harrison laughing is absurd.

Even Carrie Fisher in noted in her final autobiography, The Princess Diarist, that his shell was hard to crack – and she was sleeping with him.

“I tried to read between your lines as you
      would so rarely speak
But I gave you far more credit than you were
      actually due
You see I thought I was only seeing half the
But that was all there was to you.”

Ouch. Hey, this was decades ago! But it all serves to make this Harrison Ford interview (with This Morning‘s Alison Hammond) even better. One person on Twitter described it as “delightful”, and there’s honestly no better word. It’s a total treat.

Ryan Gosling is there too, of course – it’s for Blade Runner 2049 – being his usual fantastic self, but it’s Ford and Hammond’s banter that makes it just a magical treat.

Ford pretty much cannot stop laughing (and Gosling pissing himself in the corner doesn’t hurt, either). He practically wipes away tears. Tears! Of laughter! From Harrison!

Please, someone, bottle this magical sound and start distributing immediately. The world needs this.

Image: This Morning