Happy Star Wars Day, Everyone!

Forget Mother’s Day this weekend. Today marks an equally (if not more?) culturally significant day for any self-respecting geek, movie buff or expert masturbator: it’s Star Wars Day!

Occurring on the fourth day of the fifth month, the date of Star Wars Day was derived from the film’s popular phrase “May The Force Be With You” into the ingenious pun adaptation “May The Fourth Be With You”. (Today is May the 4th. Got it? Got it.)

Also referred to as Luke Skywalker Day, Star Wars Day is now considered an unofficial holiday by Star Wars fans to celebrate the film’s culture, memorabilia, costume, characters, groundbreaking special effects and all things sci-fi related. Here’s a few of our favourite Star Wars Day tweets from various “Sithizens” of the world….

Words by Jess Glass