No one – and I mean NO one – knows how to drip feed a marketing campaign quite like the Hunger Games franchise.

Long lead teaser trailers, teasers to those teasers, and the whole lot of it within canon. We aren’t just waiting for the Hunger Games films. We’re ~in~ the Hunger Games.

But each one is headline generating stuff. We can’t wait to see ‘Mockingjay Part 2‘, and by deference of you clicking on this article, we’re guessing you’re pretty pumped for November 19, too. Here’s the latest, fresh from Comic Con:

It is just me, or did they borrow a few elements from the 2008 Beijing Olympic’s Opening Ceremony?

Yesterday we got a teaser for this teaser, because apparently that’s a thing now. Jennifer Lawrence (or Jennifer Lawrence’s people) posted this on her Facebook page:

#District13 #MockingjayPart2

Posted by Jennifer Lawrence on Wednesday, 8 July 2015

November 19, people. Just a few short four months away.