Since its sudden cancellation a month ago, there has been much speculation as to whether or not beloved short film festival Tropfest would return, and thanks to whose financial largesse. 

Today, those questions are finally answered, with festival founder John Poulson announcing that, thanks to the assistance of new sponsors CGU Insurance, Tropfest will return next February 14.

Poulson made the announcement in Centennial Park, saying:

“It’s incredibly encouraging to see that the Australian public and corporate community really want to see Tropfest return.” 

“We’re now able to restore Tropfest for the filmmakers whose work was put on hold, for our fans and of course for the suppliers and partners who all give so much to make the world’s largest short film festival a reality.” 

“For Tropfest, this is the comeback of the decade, and we’re so thrilled to be able to share it with Trop fans, and our finalist filmmakers, as we continue to play a part in bringing some of the most talented and creative storytellers to the stage, for a long time to come.”

Organisers blamed the sudden cancellation of this year’s Tropfest on “terrible and irresponsible mismanagement” of funds by the festival’s management company. 

It’s unclear just how or to what extent the management company screwed the pooch, but Poulson has said that investigations are continuing behind the scenes.

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Photo: Joosep Martinson via Getty Images