Hannibal Buress Takes Aim At Sydney’s Cooked Lockouts With Twitter Shade

The absolutely fan-bloody-tastic Hannibal Buress is here in Australia right now, blessing us, the Australian people, with his Hannibal Montanabal Experience (and Adderall-induced appearances on The Project).

The comedian and Broad City star flew into Sydney last night from Melbourne, ahead of his gig at The Enmore tonight.

But it appeared that our once-great city got the best of him, re: our utterly cooked and proven to be ineffective lockout laws.

Take a look at that time stamp:

A representative for Buress confirmed to PEDESTRIAN.TV that it was more than likely he was referring to the lockouts – the man is staying in the CBD after all, which is obviously peak-lockout zone – but is chasing after confirm from the big guy himself.

And Hannibal? If you’re looking for the guy who did this – it’s this gronk.

Did you know that NSW has an official “graffiti removal day”? Well, it does. And it’s today. #justsaying

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