If you own a phone and have access to internet (you’ve managed to access this article, so we’re onto a winner here), you’ve most likely been exposed to some kind of discourse surrounding the Hannah Montana transitions on your feed recently.

Punters have been taking to the web to discuss how iconic Miley’s in-between-scene riffs were throughout the 4 seasons.

You know, the ones where she goes ‘OOooOOOOOHeYYEyeeaaah’, ‘OOohohohOWWWyyeeeeeeeeee’ or something else to that effect.

Well, we’ve now been blessed with further insight into these legendary Hannah Montana transitions, thanks to the show’s composer pouring the Disney tea during a class zoom discussion.

TikTok user @maevegriffin2 shared the moment Kenneth Burgomaster discussed the Miley recording sessions with the virtual class.

According to Burgomaster, he’d record Miley in her dressing room with a mic and laptop, getting her to do a bunch of ‘ooohs’ and ‘yeahs’ in various keys, before cutting them together to form some stellar riff moments.

@maevegriffin2reposting this until it gets the credit it deserves day 1… ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##hannahmontana ##goingpro♬ original sound – astapasta3

When Miley said ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’, I felt that.

The class were able to keep it together throughout the presentation, which is wild, considering that TikTok users have rightfully lost their shit in the comments section.

“I thought she sang the whole thing at once,” user @matthewregner commented, with a mind-blown emoji. “I didn’t know it was chopped up like this.”

“He needs to give the internet all those clips,” user @jackgwood added. “The potential!”

Now I can’t get Miley’s ‘oohs’, ‘yeahs’ and ‘wohwohhhhs’ out of my head – riffing Miley is officially my 2020 sleep paralysis demon.

Image: Disney / Hannah Montana