Hannah Gadsby Is Returning To Aussie Stages Real Soon With A Brand New Show

hannah gadsby snl impersonation

Hannah Gadsby has revealed a brand new show and her very first American tour, signalling her first new stand-up project since the landmark success of Nanette. 

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The Tasmanian comic, who initially said she’d retire from comedy after the groundbreaking Nanette, will debut Douglas to Australian audiences next month before touring the States. 

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the announcement, Gadsby said Douglas will be tonally different to her international breakout performance.

“With this show, the humour will be back in,” Gadsby said.

I think that’s an interesting thing, as far as a lot of people in the U.S. are concerned, Nanette was the only way that people know me and so that’s the only prism that they view my work… I don’t have any intention of workshopping any of my traumas on stage again. That took a toll. And also, I kinda did that.

Billed as a project which draws from recent years and the immense success she has achieved at home and abroad, Douglas is set to premiere on March 27 at the Arts Centre, Melbourne.

That run of shows dovetails pretty nicely with the launch of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, but audiences around the country can expect further dates to be released in the near future.

For what it’s worth, the announcement of Douglas answers a pretty interesting question: what’s next for Gadsby in terms of live performances.

In recent interviews, the comic described her tentative entry to Hollywood and the entertainment industry more broadly, saying “I need to understand it all before I move on to what’s next, or I’ll go crazy.”

Gadsby also has a book in the works. Like she says, the past few years have been a lot. If you’d like to watch her unpack some of that on stage, you can peep ticket details HERE.