The jacket worn by Harrison Ford as Han Solo in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back is expected to sell for a whoppin’ $1.8 million at a movie memorabilia auction today.

The auction of film props and costumes, run by the London– and LA-based Prop Store, also boasts gear from movies like Indiana Jones, Fight ClubForrest Gump and Back to the Future II – which means that some nerd is about to buy themselves a fun prop hoverboard for at least $41K.

Prop Store are selling 600 lots worth of junk from about 150 movies and TV shows, including of course, the blue-grey Han Solo jacket, which was actually discovered at a costume house and then screen-matched (FYI: screen matching involves cross-checking distinguishing marks on a prop or costume against those on the item on screen, neat).

Prop Store reckon the jacket is the only significant costume piece from the OG Star Wars movies to ever go up for public auction, but if you enjoyed the other, less good ones (OOOOOH COME AT ME) you could buy a Stormtrooper helmet from The Last Jedi, worth between $54K and $109K, or Anakin‘s blue lightsaber from Revenge of the Sith, for between $91K to $181K.

Earlier this year, a gun used by Han Solo in Return of the Jedi fetched $758K at auction, while an R2-D2 used in a bunch of Star Wars movies last year sold for $3.7 million. Imagine that, just having a little R2-D2 in your living room. You could rest tinnies on it.

The next most spenno item is Indiana Jones‘ fedora from Raiders of the Lost Ark for between $275K and $413k. Meanwhile the Temple of Doom bullwhip could go for $96K. All seems totally reasonable, yep.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Image: The Empire Strikes Back