Hamish Secretly Made A Signature Scent For Andy That Will Legit Be In Shops

You probably don’t have a friendship with anyone in the way that Hamish and Andy have a friendship with each other. This is not to say that they have a bond closer than any you share with any of your friends, just that you don’t host a commercial radio show with your best mate and probably don’t have the wherewithal and financial means to constantly go on insane adventures and do ridiculous shit both with and to each other. 
Or maybe you do, I don’t know you personally, I’m just guessing.
What I’m saying is, as much as you would like to create your BFF their own signature fragrance, it is most likely beyond your means – squeezing vomit out of sperm whales (google it) is expensive and so is graphic design. It is not, however, beyond the means of Australia‘s hottest professional best friendship.
Hamish, saint that he is, spent months attempting to capture a scent that sufficiently describes Andy – a scent he describes as “Shooting down the pub, but I’m making good time, but I’m smelling great, but I’ve got a classic head.
Having satisfactorily distilled his essence into a smell and taking Andy’s signature on a mystery fragrance, he unveiled his masterpiece: ‘Andy by Hamish‘.
While Andy was only presented with a prototype, the fragrance is very real, with 5000 units being sold exclusively at Chemist Warehouse in time for Father’s Day.
Incredible bants.
Source and photo: Facebook.