It couple Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake are officially moving out of their Grand Designs home in Richmond, and are moving to Sydney.

The pair announced the move on Instagram, with Blake writing that:

“For a long time I have known that stealing my wife from Sydney would mean one day we’d venture there to live a while.”

“Since her business is going so strong (“booming” I believe is the business term), her family is there, and I am keen to get a role on Bondi Rescue (as a tourist who faints from eating too many ice creams) it seemed like the time to make the move!

“Its been on the cards for a while but, and I know this might sound a bit weird, I’m sort of glad we got to spend this last year in Melbourne while we all went through lockdown together, and experience the strength and spirit of this amazing city. I may wander north for a while, but Melbourne, you will always be home.”


So where were the couple actually living before? Well, I’m glad you asked because according to the Property Observer it is home from the Australian Grand Designs. The couple bought the property in 2015 and never looked back. I can see why, it’s actually stunning.

Image: Property Observer

Everyone seems to moving to Sydney these days, and as a Melburnian (yes, I know what the headline says), I have to say that I simply don’t get it. We have everything you need here, uhh…the Melbourne Star, the Montague Street bridge, Clifton Hill Macca’s and Adventure Park Geelong. I mean what’s not to like?

The couple will be joining the likes of Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher, as well as Zac Efron (who seems to be everywhere in Aus at the moment).

A bunch of contestants from The Bachelor franchise have also moved to Bondi in a move eerily similar to TikTok stars (like Charlie D’Amelio and Addison Rae), who moved into a Hype House together.

Sydney, LA but on a budget.

Image: Instagram / Zoe Foster Blake