Hamish Blake Spilled The *Actual* Celeb Gogglebox Salary & I Too Want To Be Paid To Watch TV

Hamish Blake revealed how much he and Zoe Foster Blake actually scored for appearing on Celebrity Gogglebox. While it’s not enough to buy yourself a yacht, it’s certainly more than I get paid to sit around chatting shit with my housemates while we watch TV.

A source originally told Woman’s Day the couple were paid a staggering $500,000 to appear the a one-off television ep for Foxtel. Enough to buy yourself a lovely house, or perhaps forty beautiful horses, or maybe a very, very small island. All for watching some telly.

But Hamish has now denied those rumours. According to him, the actual fee was two whole zeroes less.

He told The Kyle & Jackie O Show he and Zoe were paid $5000, not $500,000. Still a nice little lump some of cash if you ask me, but not half a million.

Now if only someone would pay me thousands of buckerinos to rant about Married At First Sight on national TV. It’s what the people want!

“There was never any discussion of money,” Hamish Blake said.

He also said that he agreed to do the show because it’s made by the same executive producer as LEGO Masters.

“Literally over lunch one day he goes, ‘hey we’re doing a celebrity version of Gogglebox,’ and I was like, ‘mate we’ll do that, that sounds like great fun’,” Hamish continued.

According to Hamish Blake, that figure of $500,000 “blew [him] away”. He confirmed that all the celebs featured on the show got paid the same amount.

The one-off ep aired on Foxtel back in March. It also featured Australian of the Year Dylan AlcottMasterChef judge Andy AllenBindiTerri and Robert IrwinMatt Preston and Nazeem Hussain to name but a handful.

Perhaps they could all put their $5000 together to buy a collective yacht. Imagine the parties! But most importantly, imagine the discussions of reality TV. Maybe one day.