Hamish Blake has a new best friend. Andy has been ousted by one half of Flight of the Conchords. The two comedians will momentarily abandon their on- and off-screen partners to form a new partnership, in the forthcoming film, Two Little Boys. Blake and McKenzie have been confirmed to star in the comedy – already in pre-production – and will begin filming in Southland, New Zealand in January 2011.

New Zealand director, Robert Sarkies (Scarfies, Out of the Blue), will take the reigns for his third feature, which is based on the novel written by his younger brother, Duncan Sarkies.

So far we know Blake and McKenzie will play two estranged best mates, Deano and Nige, who experience “riotous misadventures” as they struggle to preserve their friendship, which has been put under pressure by “an unfortunate incident involving a hot meat pie, a ginger cat and the untimely death of a Scandinavian soccer star.”

Described as an irreverent comedy, the film promises a crazy road trip, a love story, wild animals and attempted murder. The absurdity of the plot combined with Blake and McKenzie’s endearing humour will surely have us all grateful the pair decided to leave Andy and Jermaine at home. Mckenzie recently stated, “The Sarkies brothers have written a brilliant script and I’m really excited to be involved. There’s only so much time you can spend in New York before you wake up and think ‘Take me to Invercargill’. I can’t wait to get down there and make a New Zealand film about New Zealanders, and an Australian.”

McKenzie, initially said he was unsure about co-starring with Blake, but it turns out he now thinks “he’s alright, for an Australian.” Aww.