Hamish & Andy Secretly Test ‘Straya’s Best Bloke A 2nd Time And Maaaate

Look, straight up, if you’ve not watched the video of Hamish and Andy discovering Australia‘s best bloke: please, please do it right now. In fact, even if you have seen it, please watch it again: 

You don’t need us to tell you what a completely incredible bloke this man is, it’s self-evident. He was willing to help out a stranger and lied through is bloody teeth like a champ to do it.
We had a chat to him this morning and he seemed like a pretty decent sort, but is he really Australia’s best bloke? Hamish and Andy decided to give him one final test, just to make sure.
Handy (yes, I call them that) invited James Lord, my new personal hero, to ask him how the response was after the video went crazy viral, and he did not disappoint:
“Hamish: Have you got a partner?

“James: Yeah, I’ve got a girlfriend.

“Andy: Is she nervous? Because I saw a lot of the comments saying “I want date. I want to date. I want to date James.”

“James: Well… the girls, they are only human so you can’t blame them. But, yes, nah she’s happy for me, but yeah… sort of.”

He was bloody wonderful in the interview, but they needed hard evidence – so they decided to “Slugworth” him:

“A: We wanted to truly test whether he’s Australia’s greatest bloke, and the test we came up with is a very simple one – I know a lot of blokes out there would understand it – we pretended there was two beers for the three of us.

“H: We Slugworthed him.”
Slugworthing, as we all know (we don’t), is a reference to the character Mr Slugworth from ‘Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory‘, who pretends to be a competitor of Wonka‘s and offers the children money in exchange for the everlasting gobstopper.
Because Charlie is, in his own way, Australia’s best bloke, he gives the gobstopper to Wonka and proves that he is truly pure of heart etc etc. Pretty straightforward, hey. Well they essentially do that to him.
Is he the sort of bloke who would deprive another man of a frosty cold beer just so that he could have one? Have a watch of how it went down:
You can also check out their incredible explanation of slughorning right here:
James mate, you are a bloody legend.
Photo: Facebook.