Hamish & Andy Call Time On Iconic Radio Gig, Flag 2017 As Final Year On-Air

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have officially signalled the end of their iconic radio gig, telling ‘Straya their television commitments will keep ’em busy from the end of 2017. 

Feel free to openly weep – but hold out for the good news. 

The duo broke the info at the tail-end of today’s show – the final one for 2016 – with Blake saying “this has been the first time we’ve known for sure what we want to do.

“So we wanted to let our listeners know so they can come on the ride together and it can be a really fun celebratory year and we can go out with a bang.”

Ol’ mate continued to gush about his current gig, saying “we’ve never loved doing radio as much as we love doing it now.
“That’s a perfect time to end. We’re not ending tomorrow, we’ve still got another full year, we can really savour it.”
The new show is a currently nebulous project for Channel 9 that’s expected to go live in July. 
Lee said it’ll be nothing like their globe-trotting Gap Year romps; instead, he reckoned “people might dislike it at the beginning but will hopefully learn to love it.”

For the record, they’ll be back on the airwaves from March 27 next year, and we’re fanging for more of ’em. 
As for Blake’s claim they’ve never been keener on the format? Instantly-legendary bits like September’s ‘Best Aussie Bloke Ever’ probs gave that fact away ahead of time.
We’ll hear from you soon, lads.

Source: news.com.au / Gold Coast Bulletin.
Photo: El Pics / Getty.